Rainbow thin stearin candle set (odorless)

Rainbow thin stearin candle set (odorless)

Rainbow thin stearin candle set (odorless)
3 odorless candles in the rainbow colors. Specially to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

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This candle represents all the colors of the rainbow but also the chakra colors.

If you know how a light spectrum works then you also understand how the human development process works. A single ray of white light can be "broken" into seven distinct colors because it contains all the color frequencies. Because consciousness is pure energy when it manifests itself in the physical world, it can also be subdivided into seven distinct parts, and each part of it has its own frequency, color and properties, even though they form one consciousness.

Stearin candle (palm oil), 100% natural. Free from petrochemical components, pure stable flame, burning time per candle is 8 to hours. Stearin candles give no smoke and have a pure cotton wick and do not contain lead or zinc. By using certified palm oil and sustainable packaging materials, these candles are an environmentally friendly product.

Rainbow thin stearin candle set (odorless)
Delivered per 3 pieces in a transparent package
8 to 9 burning hours per candle
100% natural
The candles burn long and clean.
Dimensions: 21 cm x 2.2 cm
Packaged in a gift box: Explanation in three languages: Dutch, German, English.
These stearin (palm oil) candles are handmade in Indonesia.
GreenPalm Certified Stearine Candles! www.greenpalm.org

Pay attention!
Place out of reach of children and pets. Do not place in a drafty place, this will shorten the burning time. Do not leave a burning candle unattended. Place on a heat-resistant surface.