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In our New Age shop we give advice on which gemstones suit or belong to you, how they work and how to treat them. From East to West gemstones were used for their properties as: Amulet against evil, for jewelry, decoration and as a support in healing. Gemstones or just stones appeal to everyone's imagination, they all have their own effect, character and shape. Together with the gemstone, we provide a card with the description, which effect it has and how you can clean the gemstone. Note: The tumbled stone, health pendants, zodiac pendants and cuddly stones you ordered may differ in size from the image shown. Warning: Gemstones can help you start a healing, they are not a plaster on the wounds. Always consult a doctor for advice if you have serious physical, mental and health problems. Choose from the subsection below for the different types and a description.

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