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Chakras are subtle energy points, literally called wheels of energy. They function as places of energy exchange. In fact, we have several hundred chakra points scattered throughout our subtle energy system. The best known, however, are the seven main chakras that are ethereally connected in the central energy channel of our body that runs along our spine. If the chakras function well, these centers are gates for vital life energy that enter our bodies through our subtle bodies through channels (nadis) and meridians. But at the same time, they are also escape points for lower frequency energy to flow back to the subtle bodies to be transformed. Each of the seven main chakras represents a level of consciousness or developmental phase of life, viewed from the perspective of our physical existence. When the chakras are open and in balance, they form an integrated system in which each chakra is dependent on the others for optimum functioning. Chakras can start to function less if they are in a negative state for a longer period of time due to negative habits and accumulated emotions. That makes it difficult for the personality to fully integrate the level of consciousness that each chakra represents.

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