Window crystal

The faceted window crystal / rainbow crystal glass crystal transmits the sunlight in such a way that the light is refracted and produces a color spectrum. The joint light spectrum has a major influence on our emotions and our sense of well-being.

By hanging these crystals in front of your window, you bring the power of the colors into your home. They are colors in their purest, most beautiful and most beautiful form. Your aura instinctively filters out the colors it needs from this rainbow light. Rainbow light brings joy, changes the energy and Chi in a space and has a healing effect.

The rainbow is the ancient symbol of all cultures and it establishes a connection between different worlds and between heaven and earth. In Feng Shui leather, crystal facets are hung where Chi energy needs to be increased, for example, in the wealth range or the relationships of a home, such as angles that leap forward or when ceilings are too high.

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