Agate gray drop pendant

Agate gray drop pendant

Agate gray drop pendant
The stone protects the aura and brings balance to body, soul and spirit.

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The stone promotes inner peace and a calm and down-to-earth attitude. It stimulates spiritual and spiritual growth by stimulating self-reflection and urging to distance yourself and view everything more objectively. It promotes rational and logical thinking, concentration, the analytical ability and therefore helps to find practical solutions to problems. Agate protects the aura, gives a safe feeling and brings balance to body, soul and spirit. Agate stabilizes the aura and has a strong cleansing effect on both physical and mental areas. Agate provides comfort, helps against all kinds of pain and deafness, strengthens the heart. Is good for children wetting the bed. Let you enjoy life and give zest for life.

Agate gray drop pendant
A beautiful drop-shaped pendant of approx. 25 mm long
Star sign: Scorpio and Pisces
Chakra: 1st chakra, 2nd chakra and 4th chakra
Color: gray
Rarity: easily available
Location: Australia, Mexico, Honduras, United States and Brazil

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