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Opalite tumbled stone 15-20mm

Opalite tumbled stone 15-20mm

Opalite tumbled stone 15-20mm
The stone promotes spiritual insight. It is a powerful stone that has a healing effect and encourages your inner child to come out. A beautiful stone that gives you joie de vivre.

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The opalite stands for versatility, gives energy, is protected and accepts. It promotes spiritual insight (it is not without reason that opalite is called an angel stone). It increases your forms of expression and stimulates the inner child to come out more. Heals consciousness, emotions, energy, prevents depression and inflammation. The stone gives joy of life, versatility and strengthens the inner being. It improves emotional strength and helps to cope with changes and new situations more easily.

Opalite tumbled stone 15-20mm
Dimensions: about 15 to 20mm
Zodiac sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Pisces
Chakra: all chakras
Color: pearl to white

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