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The cleansing effect of White Sage & Smudge sticks White Sage was among others honored by the North American Indians because of its purifying effect; originally it was therefore frequently used in various rituals.

White Sage is primarily found in California (USA). The leaves of this species are slightly harder than the other sage varieties and whitish in color. This sage species has a very strong odor and effect, strong cleansing and is used by American Natives (Indians) to "Smudge" before and during ceremonies. Hence the name Indian incense In the Indian tradition the idea prevails that when burning Sage, the Air, Spirit and Thoughts are cleansed. The Indians still use sage in their ceremonies and healing rites today. White Sage is used for many purposes in the west due to its strong cleansing effect! Together with, for example, an abalone shell (and fan or feather) to complete the four elements :( * Shell = Water * Igniting = Fire * Smoke = Air * Sage = Earth.), You can use the White sage yourself with your spiritual cleansing of the Aura, Chakras and to purify a room (house) from negative energy (entities), in preparation for meditation sessions, in case of illness ... etc. You first clean the Aura / Chakras and then the corners of the room, then clean the entire room with the smoke of the White Sage.

NewAgeWinkel sells the Sage in several variants, for example smudge sticks with Lavender, Copal or Sweetgrass, and of course sage leaves.

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