Orange Calcite tumbled stone 15-20mm

Orange Calcite tumbled stone 15-20mm

Orange Calcite tumbled stone 15-20mm
The stone gives warmth and radiates positivity. It is a stone that has a motivating effect on your self-confidence, decisiveness, steadfastness and it gives you hope and courage. A suitable stone for your inner peace.

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The orange calcite has a motivating effect, promotes self-confidence, decisiveness, steadfastness and gives hope and courage. It unites feeling and reason, calms the mind and thus provides inner peace. The stone stimulates analytical thinking, promotes concentration and attracts success. It can absorb negative energy from a room (clean it regularly). Physically, it boosts metabolism and immune system and promotes growth in children. It has a beneficial effect on the heart and cardiac arrhythmias, the skeleton, the joints and stimulates calcium absorption.

Orange Calcite tumbled stone 15-20mm
Dimensions: about 15 to 20mm
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Chakra: 2nd chakra
Color: orange

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