Selenite tumbled stone 15-20mm

Selenite tumbled stone 15-20mm

Selenite tumbled stone 15-20mm
The stone promotes mental clarity, insight and awareness. The selenite is a very spiritual stone and is also called an angel stone, with this stone you make contact with your guides and angels.

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The selenite is a very spiritual stone and has a protective and insightful effect. It is also called an angel stone. It is a good stone if you are involved in a spiritual way. It promotes contact with angels and guides and facilitates meditation, telepathy, divination and mediumistic gifts. It has a grounding effect when working with higher energies and protects and cleans the aura. The selenite stimulates a clear mind and also provides insight and awareness in your life lessons. It promotes tranquility, balance and peace in yourself and your environment.

The selenite is a new age stone that has come to help people ground angelic energy within the personality. It has the quality to show your power of universal love and gives a wonderful sense of unity. Ensures that you experience peace and only want the good. A cloud of angelic energy and angelic vibrations. Selenite has a particularly soft appearance that has a calming effect. Selenite is also very good for purifying a room.

It is important to know that a selenite is cleaned by placing it in the moonlight, this discharges the stone and charges it with energy. Never immerse this stone under water, this can seriously damage the stone.

Selenite tumbled stone 15-20mm
Dimensions: about 15 to 20mm
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Chakra: 7th chakra
Colour White

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