2 mini White Sage smudge sticks

2 mini White Sage smudge sticks

2 mini White Sage smudge sticks
Clean yourself and your living environment from negative energy with this smudge stick. The smoke of the White Sage transports the negativity of angry entities.

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About our White Sage smudges: Smudge (literally: smoldering fire), in sticks or forests, is completely natural, ceremonial incense, which is burned in the native American tribes in America, for example in sweat huts. Bushes of smudge are used all over the world to reconnect with the power of Mother Nature. White Sage is burned at ceremonies to cast out evil spirits, negative thoughts or influences. The leaves are renowned for their special scent, and they are used as a natural defense against moths (in clothing) or mosquitoes (in a room). White Sage can be used in countless ways. The American Indians in Central America cover the floor of their sweat lodges with it. They also breathe in through a small bunch of sage and sometimes rub it on their bodies when they are in the sweat hut.

Method: light this, as soon as the sage burns, blow out the flame, the smoke that is now created is used for cleaning. Move the smoke well through the room, for example by means of a fan or a spring. To extinguish you can take a saucer with silver sand to make it out.

NOTE: Do not use White Sage during pregnancy!

2 mini White Sage smudge sticks
Content: 2 mini sticks of 15 grams
Dimensions: 10cm long per stick