12 packs Opium backflow incense cones (HEM)

HEM Opium backflow incense cones (12 packs)

HEM Opium backflow incense cones (12 packs)
These backflow incense cones have a soothing effect on body and mind. This incense has an exotic floral and spicy scent.

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Opium creates an atmosphere of unconditional surrender and abundance. For an atmospheric evening, to read or to dream away.

The backflow incense cones, in contrast to the normal incense cones, have a hollow interior, through which the smoke flows downwards. This gives a magical waterfall effect which, in addition to the nice smell, is also beautiful to look at. The effect is only achieved in combination with a special backflow incense holder.

HEM Opium backflow incense cones (12 packs)
Contents: 12 packs of incense cones (total 480 cones)
Burning time: approx. 20 minutes
From: India
Brand: HEM