Turkish eye (Greek eye) incense

Flute Greek Eye incense

Flute Greek Eye incense
The evil eye is generally known, but the name is misleading, because this is not the evil eye, but provides protection against any form of the evil eye.

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The evil eye or Greek eye is well known, however the name is misleading, because it is not the evil eye, but the evil eye would look away.

Nazar Boncugu, (Turkish) that's how the blue eye is also called that you don't only see in all Turkish souvenir shops, but also with many Turks themselves. The blue eye is the counterpart of the eye of Horus, the evil eye, and it is believed that the blue eye absorbs all the bad energy from the evil eye or even sends it back to the one you intended to do this misfortune to. The blue color of the eye has been a color that purifies since ancient times.

So it protects you from evil. The belief in this goes back to the time before Christ. For example, in the Old Testament of the Bible you can already read a reference to the evil eye. Perhaps it can be traced back to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians or Samarians.

People around the Mediterranean in particular believe in the evil eye, but especially in Turkey and Greece you will find the protective blue eye, the nazar boncugu, so much in jewelry or key rings.

This incense is a means to ward off evil, to protect yourself, to chase away evil spirits and to purify.

Flute Greek Eye incense
From: Mysore (India)
Brand: N. Ranga Rao and Sons
Content: 20 incense sticks