Tribal Soul White Copal backflow incense cones

Tribal Soul White Copal backflow incense cones

Tribal Soul White Copal backflow incense cones
Experience the delicious scent of White Copal and create peace and harmony. Contents: 10 backflow incense cones

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Incense is a cleansing ritual that dates back to the Native American people, where herbs or barks are burned and a fragrant smoke is created to cleanse the person or space. This ritual was used to cleanse or purify yourself or the space from bad spirits or negative vibrations.

Copal is originally a sacred resin for protection, healing and initiation. Deep cleansing. this incense invites the good spirits. Churches and temples have used this incense for centuries whereby energetic purification of the environment but also purification of negativity is achieved.

Copal has been used by indigenous shamans for thousands of years to heal the body and soul, purify spaces, clear negative energies, and prepare for meditation.

The backflow incense cones, in contrast to the 'normal' incense cones, have a hollow interior, through which the smoke flows downwards. This gives a magical waterfall effect which, in addition to the nice smell, is also beautiful to look at. The effect is only achieved in combination with a special backflow incense holder.

This incense has only natural additives and no toxic files have been added. No children's hands (child labour) were used and no animal additives were used.

Tribal Soul White Copal backflow incense cones
Content: 10 cones
From: India
Brand: Hari Darshan