Zaphir wind chimes Twilight

Zaphir wind chimes Twilight

Zaphir wind chimes Twilight
A Zaphir wind chimes (or wind chime) gives peace, joy and harmony in your heart.

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This wind chimes provides peace. The carefully tuned sound elements create a play of clear tones. The wind chimes (sometimes also called wind mobile, wind organ or wind chime) is often used for musical support such as meditation, healing and relaxing.

Through the beautiful play of the gong you come to yourself. It also ensures that negative energy is kept at a distance. The Zaphir chimes are the successors of the former Shanti chimes. The Zaphir is often used for sound meditations and for relaxation. And it has an almost magical effect on children.

Zaphir wind chimes Twilight
Abundant and colorful
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Size: 12.5 x 6.4cm