Snow quartz tumbled stone 15-20mm

Snow quartz tumbled stone 15-20mm

Snow quartz tumbled stone 15-20mm
The stone helps you to get in touch with your inner source.

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The snow quartz is a good stone for people who take on (too) many responsibilities and like to make themselves indispensable, but who experience great limitations and have the feeling of being lived. It helps to go back to yourself and to enter into and maintain equal and balanced (friendly and amorous) relationships. It also reduces the tendency to take on a victim role and it helps to take responsibility for your own behavior. The stone helps to strengthen social skills and manners, such as tact, cooperation, thinking before you speak. The stone has a purifying, vitalizing and analgesic effect. It helps to ward off the fever and stimulates it
immune system and balances the body.

Snow quartz tumbled stone 15-20mm
Dimensions: about 15 to 20mm
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Chakra: all chakras
Colour: white

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