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Tingsha's with dragons (6,7 cm)

Tingsha's with dragons (6,7 cm)

Tingsha's with dragons (6,7 cm)
Tingshas (ding-shas, cymbals) are used as musical offerings during spiritual acts, and during meditation, at regular intervals to keep the attention. to use as a signal to pay attention to, as a mark of the beginning and end of meditations and reiki treatments. And a beautiful way of energy purification.

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To be used as a signal to pay attention to, to mark the beginning and end of meditations and reiki treatments.

For what purposes can I use tingshas?
You can hit the two discs together to create a beautifully clear high tone that lingers long, cleans the atmosphere and evokes an extraordinary sense of silence. The sparkling tone of a tingsha immediately resonates in our hearts. You can use them to focus attention again, to become aware of who we are and what our priorities are in this often turbulent sham world. If we hang them side by side and then let them come together, a beautiful, vibrating sound wave is created between the two, producing a high sound vibration - an impressive symphony of deeply penetrating sounds.

Tingshas and feng shui:
Tingshas are also used with feng shui to purify the energy in a room and to allow it to flow freely again, by making it sound in the four corners of the room. A wonderful way of energy purification when working with incense is not an option!

Tingshas and healing with sound:
Because they have a healing and balancing effect on our aura, they are also used to indicate the beginning and the end of a meditation period. It is said that the use of tingshas works as a way to keep our attention here and now.

Tingshas with dragons (6.7 cm)
Size: approximately 6,7 cm
Weight: around 259 grams
Composition: each tingsha is cast separately in various metal alloys, usually consisting of at least three different metals. Most cymbals are made of bronze, which mainly consists of copper and tin, to which sometimes small amounts of nickel are added.
This item is shipped by package to prevent them from being damaged!