ANKH incense burner (black soapstone)

ANKH incense burner soapstone

ANKH incense burner (black soapstone)
An elegant incense burner for burning incense sticks and cone incense with the Ankh symbol.

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A simple incense burner but elegant design in durable hard soapstone with the Ankh symbol. It has 1 hole for incense sticks and two special holders for cone incense.

In ancient times the Egyptians wore the ANKH on pictures as a sign of their immortality, the key to eternal happiness. When one wears this it is indicated that they have exchanged this world for the hereafter. It was supposed to offer them protection against all kinds of dangers. The hieroglyph in this form means 'life'.

ANKH incense burner (black soapstone)
Dimensions: diameter 10cm
Height: approximately 1.5cm
Colour black
Material: Soapstone