Feng Shui 5 in 1 incense (HEM)

Feng Shui 5 in 1 incense (HEM)

Feng Shui 5 in 1 incense (HEM)
Experience the 5 different scents (in 1 package) with the elements that Feng Shui stands for.

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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy aimed at harmoniously and optimally designing the living environment based on the optimization of energy flows. Feng Shui consists of 5 elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. This incense has a purifying scent of flowers and nuts.

Feng Shui incense each with a positive appearance.

Earth = Balance
Wood = Options
Fire = Energy
Metal = Resistance
Water = Emotion

Feng Shui 5 in 1 incense (HEM)
Content: 20 sticks
From: Bangalore (India)
From: HEM corporation