The Sage originates from the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. But nowadays it is grown everywhere. People have been using sage for centuries because of its cleansing properties. The smoke from sage can purify the space and dispel the negative energy, but is also good for an aura and self-cleaning. The plant spreads a wonderful aroma in boiled water, if it is roasted or simply in the wild. It is not surprising that the ritual burning of sage has become such a rich tradition. Cleaning with sage is called smudging. Smudging means to smoke. This comes from the Indians who burn sage and other herbs and so harm people, animals, spaces, chakras, auras and objects to clean them energetically.

Burning sage:
Use an Abalone shell or a fireproof dish and a white feather. Take some sage leaves or a branch and light it. Let the sage burn for a few seconds and blow out the flame. The sage will now smoke and is ready for use. When burning sage you use the four elements:
* earth = sage
* air = feather
* water = shell
* fire = burn

Cleaning the aura:
Make sure that the smoke from sage reaches all sides of the body. If you want to clean someone else's aura, make sure that the smoke goes down towards the heart, head and along the arms with the help of a spring. Don't forget the back of the body.

Purification and cleaning of spaces:
Always open a window or a door if you want to clear space. Make sure that the smoke from the sage gets everywhere, walk along the walls and in all corners. Pass the room through well so that all unwanted negativity that is absorbed by the smoke can leave the room.

Ensure good ventilation. Do not breathe in the smoke from the sage immediately. Be careful when burning sage, it burns quickly. Have water handy in case the flames become too large. And do not use white sage when you are pregnant!

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