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What does the salt lamp do?

1. It reduces bad odors and purifies the air
Bad odors in the house can always occur, a Himalayan salt lamp removes these unpleasant odors in a natural way. This ensures fresh air in the house and therefore a nicer living environment. In addition, it also ensures clean air because it removes toxins from the environment.

2. It neutralizes the radiation

Nowadays we have a lot to do with radiation, from smartphones as well as television, computer and radio. A salt lamp neutralizes this radiation. A salt lamp can therefore also be placed in an office where computers are often used.

3. It energizes and improves the quality of sleep

Too many positive ions in the living environment can make you feel very tired, because these ions make you lifeless. Himalayan salt generates negative ions when heated, improving air quality. You can place the salt stone in the living room or on the bedside table.
Placing the salt lamp on the bedside table will also improve the quality of sleep. You can keep the lamp on while sleeping. You can also turn on the lamp a few hours before going to sleep so that it can do its work beforehand.

4. It makes for a good mood and better concentration

If you can't concentrate well or often have a bad mood, a Himalayan salt lamp can offer a solution. The negative ions ensure that the absorption of blood and oxygen to the brain is improved.

5. It Can Reduce Winter Depression

Due to the natural light of the lamp, it can reduce the symptoms of winter depression. In addition, the negative ions ensure better air quality, which makes you feel better anyway. The combination of light and operation are therefore perfect for getting through the winter.

The electric variant is complete with Netherlands Kema approved cord and light

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