Inexpensive incense - Soothing fragrance experience

Inexpensive incense
The production of incense sticks can best be described as a mix of ancient tradition and the knowledge of today. These scented cheap incense sticks are made from a mixture of natural ingredients. The incense sticks consist of traditional split bamboo around which the incense mixture is rolled.

More than a thousand years incense has been used as a religious incense offering and nowadays also as a means to create an atmosphere. Originally incense comes from the Middle East, but is nowadays made in Nepal, India, China or Tibet. Incense burning is part of all cultures. It is used in various (sacrifice or scent) rituals, but it also has a powerful effect on your body and mind and purifies the air and atmosphere of energy. It is important to know that your incense always burns with a white tea light or a white candle next to it. Burning incense always attracts positive and negative energy. The white candle acts as a buffer between the two, so that you only experience the positive.

On top of the soothing effect of incense comes the effect of the scent. Every scent stimulates a certain sense. Due to the stimulating nature of incense, in addition to the focus on prayer or meditation, the accessibility of the sixth sense is also promoted.

Find a suitable incense holder for burning these cheap incense sticks. It is important that the baton cannot fall over. Light the upper end and carefully blow out the flame after a few seconds. The remaining glow slowly burns up the incense mass of the stick, and experiences a wonderful, high-quality fragrance experience for a very low price.

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