Good vibes spray, how are you feeling today?

Aura cleansing Room Spray to purify the space around you and synchronize body, mind and soul for a yoga or meditation session. Or just to enjoy a space with a wonderful aroma.

Fragrance Profile Boho Dreams:
Calming scent of myrrh and sandalwood, which sets a cool, relaxed and casual boho vibe.

Fragrance Profile Divine Godess:
The stimulating jasmine and oud aromas keep you grounded to connect with your nourishing, creative and intuitive divine energies.

Fragrance profile Eye of Providence:
Attract the strong protective energies of the purifying scent of sage and white tea to be protected by great providence as you prepare for new challenges.

Fragrance Profile Good Fortune:
Joyful aroma of patchouli and orange, to soothe your nervous system and boost confidence.

Fragrance Profile Love Spell:
The aroma of rose and peony to attract the energy of love and affection into your daily life.

Fragrance profile Purifying Moon:
Calming aroma of Palo Santo and lavender, to use with your monthly lunar ritual, or to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle and reconnect with your own natural energy.

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