12 packs of Ajaro incense 15gr (Satya sai baba)

Satya Ajaro incense (12 packs)

Satya Ajaro incense (12 packs)
This incense has a wonderfully warm scent, gives protection against negativity and jealousy.

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Satya Ajaro gives protection against negativity, is a good meditation incense. Helps against worry and gives positive thoughts.

The Satya is a hand-rolled masala incense from India. There are no children's hands (child labor)
involved. The incense consists of natural ingredients.

Satya Ajaro incense (12 packs)
Content per box: 12 boxes of 15 grams (around 180 sticks)
From: Bangalore (India)
From: Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (satya)
Original Satya Sai Baba product