Wicca Symbol stone rock crystal
Wicca Symbol stone rock crystal
Wicca Symbol stone rock crystal
Wicca Symbol stone rock crystal

Wicca Symbol stone rock crystal

Wicca Symbol stone rock crystal
Beautiful handmade wicca rock crystal stones with symbols. Each stone symbolizes a meaning.

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Over the centuries, Wiccan practitioners and witches used symbols for rituals, enchantments and ceremonies.

The meaning of the six symbols are:

  1. The five-pointed star
    The five-pointed star within a circle is the most commonly used "Pagan" symbol, and is used to identify as a Pagan or Wiccan practitioner. The five points represent the four elements plus the Ether (the mind), the circle connecting them all. A five-pointed star without a circle is also called a pentagram, not a pentacle. In numerology, the five points represent the earth element, which can be used as an earth symbol on an altar.
  2. The triple moon
    The triple moon is a goddess symbol that represents the Virgin, Mother and the Crown as the waxing, full and waning moon. Also associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities. You often see this symbol on head ornaments, especially those worn by the high priestess.
  3. The Ankh symbol
    The Ankh symbol for "eternal life". This symbol is a hieroglyph that is common on sculpture from ancient Egypt, often held by gods and pharaohs, as a sign of the rule of life, so immortality. In these images, the symbol is held by the "stem", not at the base. The ankh is a popular symbol among the Pagans, and this may be due to the resemblance to a Christian cross, which makes the Ankh less shocking than, for example, the pentagram.
  4. The Triskele (three-armed / bony symbol or spiral)
    The one used here is very simple as the primary form of the symbol. The triskele is a Celtic symbol and represents the power of life and rebirth. It combines the spiral (often used to depict the cycle of life and by) and the 3 as a sacred number, as we see in the phases of the triple goddess.
  5. The spiral
    In spiritual terms, the spiral can represent the path leading from the outer consciousness (materialism, outward focus, ego) to the inward focus (enlightenment, the essence, Nirvana, cosmic consciousness). The movement between the inner (intuition, the intangible, intangible) world and the outer (matter, the manifested) world is represented by the spiraling archetypal rings; the evolution of humanity, both on an individual and collective scale. If we are more aware of what the spiral means, we can meditate on its occurrence in nature around us.
  6. The Horned God symbol
    The Horned God symbol is often overlooked in Wicca, because people seem to believe that Wicca is a 'Goddess religion'. While this may be true in some cases (the tradition of Dianic Wicca), one of the main principles of Wicca is the balance between all things: light / dark, hate / love, negative / positive, chalice / sword and Goddess / God.

Rock crystal gives a clear to foresight. Rock crystal is purifying and very suitable for healing or energetic work.

Wicca Symbol stone rock crystal
Contents: set of 6 rock crystal stones
Dimensions of stones: about 3.3cm x 2.3cm
The product comes in a velvet bag.

The delivered product may differ in shape from the image shown!

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