Aartsengel wierook - Uriel (flute)

Aartsengel Uriel wierook (flute)

Aartsengel Uriel wierook (flute)
Uriel stands for the Light

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Angel Uriel

(meaning: light of God)
Uriel stands for the Light. Uriel's task is to bring light to all places where darkness

The Archangels of Anaël and Uriel can be summoned for all matters relating to romantic love, harmony, friendship, pleasure, matrimonial, music, the arts and beauty. For earthly love, the Archangel Uriel is often invoked and Cosmic Love is called Anaël.

handmade incense

Aartsengel Uriel wierook (flute)
From: Mysore (India)
from: N. Ranga Rao and Sons
Contents: 20 sticks.