Salt crystal atmospheric light Apple

Salt crystal atmospheric light Apple
Atmosphere in your home thanks to salt crystal mood light Himalayas.

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By heating the salt crystal, ions are released that have a positive effect on your living environment, the salt crystal gives off a positive energy. The energy in the house becomes softer and is clearly improved.

Salt crystals are a natural air purifier, it purifies the air. Has a relaxing, soothing and reduces stress. It can also help to prevent some allergy problems.

Salt crystal atmospheric light Apple
Dimensions: approximately 9cm high, approximately 8.5cm wide
Weight: about 800 grams
Colour: orange

The supplied copy can differ from the photo shown, it is a real natural product, colors can be lighter or darker and the dimensions can differ slightly! Keep the candles out of reach of children and pets. Never leave burning candles unattended behind.