Pacholi Water - Murray & Lanman

Pacholi Water - Murray & Lanman

Pacholi Water - Murray & Lanman
A delicious sweet earthy scented water, which is used in cleansing and purification rituals.

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Pacholi water is a sweet earthy scented water based on alcohol. Very suitable for cleansing and purification rituals.

Patchouli is of special value to dreamers and people who tend to neglect their physical body or who feel that they live outside of it. This is a well-known pitfall for many people who are on a spiritual path; perhaps they attach so much importance to their mental / spiritual experiences that it is at the expense of physical well-being. Patchouli increases passion and has a stimulating effect. Patchouli gives you confidence and kindness.

You can mix Patchouli water with water and put it in a plant sprayer to cleanse a space of negative energy and to clean your aura field. You can also use a little in the bath water while bathing, or put some in a bucket of water and 'clean' your house with it (energetically). This is a suitable means for energetic protection. With Patchouli water you can also cleanse gemstones or clean your hands after an energetic (healing, reiki, chair massage) treatment.

Pacholi water is from the same famous makers of the aqua Florida water.

Pacholi Water - Murray & Lanman
Content: 221ml (Plastic Bottle)
Brand: Murray & Lanman
Country of origin: Peru

Note: not for ingestion. Keep out of reach of children, careful with skin and eyes.