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Rock crystal drilled pendant

Rock crystal drilled pendant

Rock crystal drilled pendant
The stone gives a clear to foresight.

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The rock crystal is very suitable for healing or energetic work. The stone protects the aura against radiation, cleans and balances the chakras. Because the rock crystal is neutral and pure, the stone can be charged for any action and can also enhance the action of other stones. The stone has a vitalising, analgesic effect and stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.

Cleaning method: A safe and gentle way to clean the stone is to place it in a shell with hematite stones for 24 hours. The hematite has a cleansing and discharging property that cleans and discharges the stone of negative energy. Another method is to clean the stone with white sage, sandalwood incense or Palo Santo (Holy wood). Run the stone through the smoke so that it is cleaned and discharged of negative energy.

Rock crystal drilled pendant
Dimensions of stone: approximately 3cm x 2.2cm
Zodiac sign: Leo & Capricorn
Chakra: all chakras
Color: semi-bright white or transparent

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