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Palo Santo & Pinion Pine (Tribal Soul)

Palo Santo & Pinion Pine (Tribal Soul)

Palo Santo & Pinion Pine (Tribal Soul)
Experience the combination of the delicious scents of Palo Santo and Pinion Pine and create peace and harmony.

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Incense is a cleansing ritual dating back to the Native American people, where herbs or tree bark are burned and a fragrant smoke is created to cleanse the person or space. This ritual was used to cleanse or purify yourself or the space from bad spirits or negative vibrations.

Holy Wood (Palo Santo in Spanish), a wild tree from the Amazon rainforests, has been used by Shamans for thousands of years to heal the body, the soul and to properly purify spaces and prepare for meditation.

Pinion Pine resin is a favorite in Native American and Wiccan traditions. This resin from the Southwestern United States is burned for healing, balancing and purification of one's aura and energy field.

Palo Santo is beautifully complemented by the Pinion Pine, it provides you with a calming and rejuvenating environment and enhances clairvoyance and spiritual strength.

This incense is characteristic for its hand rolled masala quality, no toxic files have been added. No child's hands (child labor) were used and no animal additives. This incense has only natural additives.

Palo Santo & Pinion Pine (Tribal Soul)
Content: 15 grams (about 12 sticks)
From: India
Brand: Hari Darshan