Lavender Officinalis essential oil (10ml)

Lavender Officinalis essential oil (10ml)

Lavender Officinalis essential oil (10ml)
The lavender officinalis is the true lavender native to the area around the Mediterranean Sea. It is a soothing purifying scent.

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Lavender has a healing and purifying effect. The oil gives love and tenderness and protects against negativity. Lavender stimulates thinking and relaxes the nerves.

The oil helps with insomnia, unconsciousness, fatigue, depression, panic and hysterical conditions. This essence is ideal for use in the waiting rooms of doctors, dentists or physiotherapists because of its calming and relaxing influence.

Magnetizers or paranormal healers should allow this oil to evaporate regularly while they treat people. Gives hospitality and has a healing effect. Lavender is a good way to fall asleep, a few drops on a handkerchief or pillowcase is enough.

Lavender Officinalis essential oil

Content: 10ml
Brand: Merlijn Wellness