Gemstone split bracelet-Sodalite

Sodalite gemstone split bracelet

Sodalite gemstone split bracelet
Promotes, among others, faithfulness. deepens the intuition.

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Sodalite gemstone split bracelet
Sodalite gives you insight into yourself and helps you to be true to yourself. It promotes self-acceptance, self-respect and self-confidence. It helps break through limiting thinking and behavioral patterns such as self-defense mechanisms, fears and phobias. It promotes freedom, idealism, truth and expressing your opinions and feelings. Sodalite strengthens logic, rational thinking and objectivity and unites this with intuition. The stone absorbs electromagnetic radiation from, for example, computers and mobile phones and stimulates a deep, insightful meditation. Sodalite can also be used well in a group to strengthen harmony, trust and solidarity. Physically, the stone helps with complaints of throat, neck, larynx and vocal cords (especially hoarseness). It reduces fever, lowers blood pressure, cools, ensures a balanced metabolism and stimulates fluid absorption in the body.

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