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Gemstone split bracelet-smoky quartz

Smoky quartz gemstone split bracelet

Smoky quartz gemstone split bracelet
Against, among other things, depression, pain, sadness, unrest.


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Smoky quartz gemstone split bracelet
The smoky quartz is a strong protective, earthing and detoxifying stone (body, soul and spirit). It is pre-eminently a good stone for contributing to complaints related to stress and in stressful situations. The stone helps to relax, let go and accept, resist stressful influences and creates spiritual (spring) strength. Smoky quartz also has a favorable effect on anxiety (especially fear of failure), nightmares, depression and suicidality. The stone stimulates a sober, pragmatic and positive attitude and promotes concentration. Smoky quartz protects against negative (electromagnetic) radiation (eg from computers, mobile phones and TV sets) and other negative influences from the environment (water veins, environmental pollution, etc.) and helps with meditation. It is a strong grounding stone for use during or after spiritual activities. Physically, smoky quarts are analgesic, decongesting and detoxicating and have a positive effect on back problems, nerves, stomach, hips, pelvis, legs, headache, restless legs syndrome and sexual organs. It can also help stop smoking and other addictions.

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