Hand book of dream symbols-Klausbernd Vollmar

Hand book of dream symbols-Klausbernd Vollmar

Hand book of dream symbols-Klausbernd Vollmar

2000 dream symbols and keywords from A to Z as the key to the unconscious.

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The Handbook of dream symbols serves as a guide in the fascinating world of dream symbolism. Full, but above all by the contemporary and understandable explanation of many symbols and keywords should this ' dream ' lexicon to the most current standard work in the current dream literature.

Nowadays only one meaning to a symbol can no longer be attributed; each symbol has a spectrum of meanings. The therapeutically very experienced author makes at his interpretation include use of the psychological interpretation according to c.g. Jung, s. Freud or one of the many different currents and schools of dream statement.

Apart from a thorough explanation of the classic Klausbernd Vollmar dream themes, don't hesitate not to venture to more current dream images such as ' tv ', ' pollution ' and ' fax '.
Or dream images such as ' giraffe ', ' Canary ' and ' dinosaur ', to which, despite being an important role in the dream life can play, in the common dream literature often little attention is paid.

On effective and insightful way helps Hand book of dream symbols you to understand the symbols in your dreams and their valuable practical messages to translate into everyday life. An essential complement to the existing dream literature.

Hand book of dream symbols-Klausbernd Vollmar
Format: 14 x 21.5 cm | Implementation: Paperback
Pages: 272 | ISBN: 9789063783563
Publishing House: Bark.